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Why the Iron Age Irish were more sophisticated than Experts would have You Believe.


I just wanted to bring something amazing to your attention. We always think of the ancient peoples of this world as being less intelligent than us, inferior to us, more primitive than us, less enlightened than us. If you have read any of my previous posts here, and here, experts would have us believe that life back then was crude and hard, that these people were savage and cruel.

It’s true that bad things happened; mankind has always found ways to make others suffer. It’s no different now; half our world is at war, people abuse each other and take advantage of those who are weaker, while older generations say such things never happened in their day.

Nonsense; it was just swept under the carpet and hidden.

But I recently came across something which made my day, and impressed me beyond measure. I have never read the Brehon Laws, but on visiting the Co Cavan Museum in Ballyjamesduff the other day, I came across a board summarising just a morsel of some of their laws.

In para 3 of the image above, you might just be able to make out the words. Basically, the Brehon Laws were saying that it is illegal to satirise, ie mock, belittle, make fun of, anyone who is born with a disability.

I was stunned. Does that sound like a primitive backward people who loved to sacrifice their children and Kings?

Food for thought…

You can access the full text of the Brehon Law online for free by clicking here.

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