• Ali Isaac

The Tides of Time | A Poem

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

On the strand we strolled, hand in hand, skin to skin, the warmth melting through us like honey, languid, un-hurried, as the vault wheeled above us, life pulsed within us, and earth rocked beneath us and through us and we, caught in the moment, lay back and soaked it in.

You left me there, lost more easily than found, the pattern of our limbs in the sand carved resolutely in my mind, erased by the morning tide, but not by the passage of time.

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About Ali

I am an author and blogger specialising in Irish mythology. Through word and image, I try to draw the human story from Ireland's landscape and tumbled stones, with a particular focus on the women history has abandoned, and legend only half remembers. 


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