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Sometimes, life gets in the way…

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Head and shoulders portrait of Carys smiling on a sunny day, wrapped in a bright, multi-coloured jacket.
Carys, on a good day

My phone is ringing, and my heart misses a beat. It is the call I always dread: Carys's school. They never phone unless something is wrong.

“Carys is really not happy. She has been screaming and crying since she arrived. She won’t be placated by music, or the relaxation room. She’s not even eating or drinking. I’m quite worried…”

She’s quite worried?

I’ve been watching my daughter scream in pain on and off for the last nine months. Someone has to be able to help her. It can’t go on.

So I bring her home from school, take off my writing hat and replace it with my nursemaid’s hat. That was the end of my writing for the day. And for the next few days, as it turned out.

Because we spent the next day at A&E in the children’s hospital. I had taken Carys to our local GP, who said, “We have two options; I can refer Carys to a specialist, in which case you may be waiting months for an appointment. Or, if you are willing, I can write a letter for you, and send you down to A&E, but there may be a lot of waiting around. It’s not the correct protocol, but this has gone on long enough.”

If I am willing?

Try and stop me! At last, someone was taking us seriously, and trying to help us.

A&E was packed. There was nowhere to sit. There wasn’t even anywhere to stand. Carys was screaming so much, everyone was looking at us. But thanks to the GP’s letter, we were seen immediately. Within five minutes of arriving on the quiet ward, Carys’s screaming had every child there crying in competition.

So followed a frustrating day of tests, x-rays and ultrasounds. After which, the consultant told me they could find absolutely nothing wrong. Everything looked normal.

Back home. Back to square one. Now what?

I was too mentally drained to write. And after a few days of neglect, my home needed some TLC. The food cupboards needed filling. I have drifted far behind with my writing than I could have anticipated.

It took a year to research and plan The Four Treasures of Eirean, a year to write it, and a year to edit and bring it to print. Of course, that was my first foray into the brave new world of the Indie Author. That was long enough, but I have learned, I know what I am doing now, the second book should not be taking as long.

But it is taking longer.

As a friend recently commented, sometimes life gets in the way, but that’s what gives us something to write about. The seed of an idea which germinates into a story. I know she's right. But sometimes it’s hard to accept.

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