• Ali Isaac

planning your visit to ireland? take a walking tour of tara with treasa

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I‘ve been to the Hill of Tara many times, and I’m lucky enough to live within easy driving distance of it. I drive past it twice a day on my way to uni and back, but I rarely have time to stop, as I’m always hurrying to class, or hurrying home again. Despite the familiarity, it’s a place I feel drawn to and love going back to, whenever I can.

My visits are usually lonely events, though, but there are times when that feels right, and other times when I feel the need to share the wonder with someone who feels the same way. So one day I decided to join Treasa on one of her Walking Tours of Tara, and I can honestly say I’m so glad that I did.

Treasa made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped into the circle gathered around her at the entrance to the hill. She introduced me to the other walkers on the tour, and it was lovely to find that we all shared common interests.

Treasa began her tour in a way I’ve not seen done by anyone else, but which makes perfect sense; we approached the site via the ceremonial road the ancient people of Tara would have used themselves. There, right at the point where the gates to the fort would have been, she launched into the story of the God Lugh knocking on the gates and offering all his many skills to the service of King Nuada.

Well, that sent a thrill right through me from the start! It was made all the more atmospheric by the creeping mist which floated eerily around us, almost as if Manannán’s Cloak still guarded it from the attentions of unworthy mortals.

For me, Treasa was the perfect guide; friendly and approachable, so you could ask any question; knowledgeable, so she could answer them all, and entertaining in her regaling of all the old stories associated with the site.

For the first hour of the tour, Treasa led us around various interesting features of the site, sharing its archaeology, history and legends. But the best was yet to come.

The second hour focused on the spirituality of the site, and Treasa led us in several guided meditations. With the mist swirling around me, I closed my eyes, listened to her soothing voice, felt the wind gently buffeting my face like breath, and whispering in the long grass, and felt I had connected with the site in a way I never had previously.

Thank you, Treasa, for an unforgettable experience. 💗

If you are planning your visit to Ireland, I highly recommend one of Treasa’s Walking Tours of Tara. They take about two hours, and must be pre-booked, as there are only thirty places available on each tour. Be dressed for inclement weather… this is Ireland, after all! Treasa also guides Spiritual Tours of Uisneach, too. Find out more HERE.