• Ali Isaac

happy valentine’s day – the pursuit of diarmuid and grainne

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

💖Happy Valentine’s Day to you all💘

I hope you’re all getting some lovin’ today! In the spirit of all things #Grámochroí and true everlasting love, I thought I’d bring you something special.

In Grá mo Chroí, one of the stories I tell is about the fated love of Diarmuid and Grainne.

Grainne was destined to marry Fionn mac Cumhall, but he was old and grey. Instead, she fell in love with the young, darkly handsome and dashing Diarmuid.

Their story is full of great passion, love which lasts beyond the grave, hate and jealousy which leads a friend to kill, tragedy and deep sorrow.

It is a love story unlike any other love story as we know them, and told as only the Irish fili can tell. Please enjoy the lovely little film I have found which tells this story.

If you follow this blog, you know how passionate I am about connecting with our ancient ancestors whom we hear so much about in Irish mythology. One of the ways I love to do this is by visiting the places associated with them.

sheebeg, reputed to be grainne's final resting place

Diarmuid and Grainne went on the run so they could escape Fionn’s wrath and be together, never sleeping more than a night in one place.

Today, there are still so many places around Ireland named for their brief sojourn there. Their presence seems so ingrained into the landscape and the Irish psyche thousands of years later, it’s quite impossible to believe it’s just a story. I think the foundations are rooted as deeply in truth as their final resting place is in Ireland’s soil.

Here is one of the places where they were said to have laid their heads.

this cave is where grainne and diarmuid were said to have hidden from fionn mac cumhaill