• Ali Isaac

Earthbound | A Poem

Updated: Feb 27, 2020


This poem was inspired by one word from Jane Dougherty in her own lovely poem, and a song by the beguiling Jeff Buckley.  They claimed squatters rights in my brain all day, until finally I wrote this poem. And then they left.

You draw something nameless from me.

It makes my soul restless,

pushes at the boundaries.

You incite my caged inner bird to fly

but my wings are clipped,

and I am only earthbound.

How I long to soar,

for my spirit to be free.

I want to merge with the wind

and rush unfettered over the world’s surface,

feel that joy, be that joy.

See, explore, just be.

I want to expand and absorb it all,

to be a part of everything,

for it all to be part of me.

But I am only earthbound.

Now, but not before,

and not after.

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