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Confessions of a History Student: Messages and Intuition

Updated: Feb 12

You may have noticed there was no blog post from me last week. I try really hard to keep the blog updated as often as I can, but sometimes things happen which change that, and this was one of those times.

I had been planning to introduce you to a particular lady from Ireland’s history, and indeed, the post is actually half written. I thought it would be an easy post to write, because I already know something about her. However, so many obstacles popped up during the writing of it, that I gave up; I felt it wasn’t meant for me to write, or at least not yet.

It wasn’t writer’s block, but that all my research seemed to contradict itself, no matter what angle I approached it from. I was frustrated and puzzled.

I was driving home from uni on Thursday, wondering about this, when the following thought came into my head: “You have unfinished business.” Those were the exact words, and here’s where you might think me slightly mad… it wasn’t my thought, it was someone else’s. A message.

I knew straight away what it was about. The previous week, I had written about the mysterious deaths of Eithne and Fidelma. Intuition told me there is more to tell, so I decided to visit the Ogulla Well, where the two princesses are said to have perished. I’ll bring you more about this next week.

It’s not the first time I’ve had such messages. Once I was given a word which sounded like ‘atal’; believe it or not, that word led me to Ross Castle in Killarney, and O’Donoghue Mór, the man who built it in the late fifteenth century. How and why is a story for another post.

Ross Castle, Killarney. Hover for attribution.

At the same time, I was having strange dreams about events which had taken place there, including a beheading, and a friend of mine, who is very spiritual, said there was a strange man hanging around me wearing a black cape. He wasn’t like the spirits she usually saw, I think something about him made her feel a bit uneasy.

It’s a strange thing to describe. It’s not like hearing something with my ears, its more like thoughts appearing in my head that I know aren’t mine, and they’re distinct, so I can tell for example if they’re male or female, or have an accent.

Sometimes, I hear snatches of conversation, or see a brief image of someone’s face. It doesn’t happen very often, probably because generally, I am quite a sceptical person, and only once have I ever felt scared by it.

Dreams are another matter. Our ancient ancestors used to set a lot of store by dreams, and dreams feature quite significantly in the old stories. I don’t dream much, or I should say, I don’t often have dreams I remember. When I do, and they are detailed and clear, I know there is something important about them. Sometimes, it’s not comforting, and two dreams have impacted my life.

Most of all, I trust my intuition. My first experience of the power of intuition was when my first son, Cai was born. When he was about four weeks old, I felt quite strongly that there was something wrong with his hearing. No one believed me, probably because he was so young and tiny and I was a first-time mom. Eventually, he had tests, and it was found that his inner ears were filled with fluid, which was indeed affecting his hearing.

Apparently it’s quite common, and the fluid drained away naturally by the time he was seven months old. First-time mothers are often treated as if they are paranoid, but I remember the midwife telling me to trust my intuition, as a mother was rarely wrong.

Since then I have trusted my intuition in other areas of my life too, and have always found it to be reliable. So what is it? It’s hard to define, but for me it’s a deep sense, or feeling, or conviction, that something is wrong, or unusual, or about to happen. I may not know what that something is, but I feel a heightened awareness which makes me look at and question everything.

So now you know something about me I have never told anyone, except that one spiritual friend. I guess it’s not the kind of thing we talk about for fear of being disbelieved, or ridiculed, and because people who ‘hear voices’ are thought of as  having mental health problems.

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