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I'm supposed to tell you here a little bit about who I am, but that's a difficult ask; humans are such complex creatures, especially the female variety. I have many roles: wife, mother, student, writer, blogger, historian, mythologist, guide, and more... the many fragments and strands I somehow pull together and twist into this self. It would be hard to reduce the full richness of a human being into a few words of print on a page. Nevertheless, here I go.

What would you like to know? I spent my childhood in the Middle East and on a Greek island. I rode a donkey when other kids rode bikes. I made myself understood through a hybrid language of English, Greek, Arabic and French; only a few words remain to me now. I lived in a house that had wooden shutters and no glass in my bedroom window, where a manger was converted into seating, in a village where the only traffic passing through the streets was herds of bell-tinkling goats.

Even then I was writing, reading books four a at a time, adult novels and memoirs because apart from the Famous Five and Nancy Drew, there was no YA literature to speak of.

Now, I have teenage children of my own, two boys and Carys, my Rare Child. My book-mountain is easier to manage; it lives on the virtual shelves of an app on my phone and I carry it with me everywhere. I live in cooler, wetter climes; despite all the countries I have visited and fallen in love with, only Ireland claimed me as hers when I first set my two feet upon her soil, and proclaimed me home at last.


Here, I 'wander in thought' and stride, solvitur ambulandro, across the landscape, seeking out the high places and the ancient, the steady shelter of trees, and the breathy murmur of water. And I think, and I write.​

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About Ali

I recently graduated from Maynooth University with a First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History with a Special Interest in Irish Cultural Heritage. Here is where I write about my passions...


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